Forward-thinking doctors.
Cellular-level nutrition.
It’s the Avior way.
About Avior Nutritionals

We started Avior Nutritionals because we believe in the body’s ability to repair itself when given the support and nutrition it needs.

Except everywhere we look, nutrition is being stripped from our food, our lifestyle… even down to our DNA.

We can’t eat or exercise our way out of the nutritional deficit. Our bodies need help.

The challenge is even greater for those with neurodegenerative disorders who live with pain, fatigue and a nagging sense of uncertainty every day of their lives.

We knew we could help.

With our background in health and nutrition and the support of forward-thinking doctors, we develop products designed to provide the body with the nutrition it needs at the cellular level… helping people start to feel like themselves again from the inside out.

Cellular level nutrition. It’s the Avior way. We hope it’s yours too.

Our Process

Our manufacturing process ensures that all ingredients are tested for quality, potency and stability before, during, and after the manufacturing process, which is done at FDA certified facilities in the United States under cGMP standards and contain only pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

We are so confident in all of Avior Nutritionals products that we offer a no” questions asked” satisfaction guarantee. Simply stated, if for any reason you are not satisfied with any Avior Nutritionals product, just let us know and we will refund the cost of your product.

Talk with your physician today and see if there is an Avior Nutritionals product that is right for you.

We Believe that supporting the emotional state is just as important as the physical body.

Candice Knight MD, MPH
Board Certified Integrative Holistic Medicine

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