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Will Myetin® Affect My Thyroid Test Results?

Myetin® is a groundbreaking nutritional supplement combining the nutritional benefits of high dose D-Biotin with the energy producing power of NAD+ to support better nerve health over time. Myetin® contains 150mg of D-Biotin in each dose and is recommended to be taken twice daily, giving 300mg as the daily dosage. With this much intake of […]

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Does Myetin® have side effects?

Myetin® is a breakthrough product – the first of it’s kind to combine the active ingredients of D-Biotin with real NAD+ in one, easy to swallow dose. It was created to support better nerve health, and early patient studies showing decreases in pain & fatigue have gotten the attention of people interested in better health. […]

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What is NAD+?

These days, it can be hard to cut through all the marketing fluff and actually find the science. Especially when everyone is taking notice… and people are starting to notice the benefits of NAD+. The old saying goes “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. So while some have over-hyped NAD+ and what it does, forward-thinking doctors […]

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Myetin 90 Day Challenge featured on the FUMSNow Podcast

Myetin® is catching the attention of many people within the MS community including one of it’s most well respected influencers: Kathy Reagan Young. Kathy is the creator of FUMS – a website, podcast and social community dedicated to giving MS the Finger! This week, the FUMS Podcast interviewed our own Stephen Camp, founder of Avior […]

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Myetin featured on NewsWatch

Popular consumer news & review website NewsWatch recently ran a feature story which took an in-depth look at how Myetin® delivers cellular level nutrition. Watch their feature story below:

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Synergy between NAD & Biotin
Gaining synergy by combining high-dose biotin and NAD+ for neurological health

Covington, LA – A new product is delivering promising responses in nerve health. In a recently completed 180-day pilot study using Myetin, participants reported a 48% improvement in pain and a 15% improvement in fatigue while taking the combination of High Dose D-Biotin and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (also called NAD+). Study participants recorded their quality […]

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