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Myetin® is a chewable, orally dissolving tablet combining High-Dose Biotin and NAD+ scientifically formulated to support nerve health.

Each Myetin® chewable tablet contains:

  • 150mg of D-Biotin
  • 25mg of NAD+

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How Does Myetin® Work?

High Dose D-Biotin & NAD+ for Regulating Mitochondrial Efficiencies

Myetin® combines the healing properties of Biotin with the regenerative energy of NAD+ to give your body what it needs most, cellular level nutrition.

High-Dose D-Biotin is a naturally occurring [bioavailable] form of the B vitamin, Biotin, which assists many functions throughout the body. If administered in high enough doses over time, D-Biotin acts as a nutrient which supports the production of the myelin sheath through the production of fatty acid synthesis.

NAD+ has been hailed for its properties because it helps the body power the healing process. It enhances energy and fatty acid production that help the cells in the body optimally function.

NAD+ provides the energy, Biotin-D delivers key nutrients… The combination is what makes Myetin® work!

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Superfood – For Your Nerves!

STIMULANTS have been shown by studies to be less effective than placebo for relieving fatigue or improving balance & gait.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS such as NAD+ & high dose biotin provide the body with the nutrition & energy it needs to heal naturally, from the inside out!

Gaining Synergy

I found help for my cog fog & fatigue!

Kathy Reagan Young –

I never imagined this energy would return!

Caroline Craven – @thegirlwithMS

Stop Masking the Symptoms & Give Your Body What It Needs

Most products just treat the symptoms… the pain, the brain fog, the nerve damage.

Myetin® works to support your body’s nutritional deficiencies at the cellular or DNA level and is the only product that has both NAD+ & Biotin as active ingredients.

Helping people heal from the inside out.

Cellular level nutrition.

It’s the Myetin® way. We hope it’s yours too.

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  1. Jay Theriot (verified owner)

    My doctor doubled the dose of Myetin. It is working incredibly well!
    My sensory nerves have started working again. I can taste and feel the breeze on my arm hair and back.

  2. Sonay M.

    I am a 57 and it has been 6years since I was diagnosed with nerve health issues.
    I started taking Myetin in December 2017 and the results have been positive. My Spasticity and Fatigue have improved by at least 20% and my Bladder frequency have also reduced. I am on my last bottle and will definitely be ordered more in fact I now can not imagine not taking it.

  3. Christy R.

    I just wanted to share my story of my three months on Myetin. I could feel immediately that this vitamin was different from anything I had tried before. I have spent thousands of dollars on several different kinds of vitamin options to no avail. Much to my surprise, after my first three months on Myetin I have observed the following: I can stand for longer periods of times without feeling as much fatigue like taking a shower. I can stand to put my make up on at the mirror without having to take breaks in a chair. I can walk the dog around the entire block. The color on the bottom of my feet has returned to red from ash white. ( I had forgotten what color they were supposed to be!) I can also lift my arms without them going numb and tingling as I put away the groceries. I feel my quality of life is improving. So pleased my forward thinking Dr H. recommended I give Myetin a try!! Thank you!

  4. Jillian

    I have been using Myetin now for a few months and am very pleased with how it makes me feel. I have suffered with back problems and the Myetin really helps straighten me right up. Also I suffer with other health problems that the Myetin helps a lot with, such as mental clarity and nerve calmness. And I had also lost my hair, and I believe the biotin in the Myetin really helped my hair grow back. I use Myetin everyday and will continue to use, everyday!!!!

  5. Pamela D.

    When I began taking Myetin, the effects were almost immediate. I was calmer, and it was like a switch turned on with my energy and mental clarity. I would not give up taking Myetin for anything.

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