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Gaining Synergy by Combining High-Dose Biotin and NAD+ for Neurological Health

In a recently completed 180-day pilot study using Myetin, participants reported a 48% improvement in pain and a 15% improvement in fatigue while taking the combination of High Dose D-Biotin and Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (also called NAD+).

Study participants recorded their quality of life in a number of categories using an online tracker over the 180-day trial period.

What’s “Too Much” to Spend On Your Health?
We get it… if you’re living with neurodegenerative conditions, you are right to be cautious about your health. And your budget!

Medications, supplements & therapies are expensive. And sometimes they don’t work. Other times, they make you feel worse.

That’s why we created Myetin. It’s made with all natural materials: a high dose of D-Biotin & NAD+.

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