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Feel Like Yourself Again!
Get 300mg of High Dose Biotin & 50mg of NAD+ every day…
In one yummy supplement with Myetin®
The Highest Dose of Biotin Available Without a Prescription
  • Forget grams(g) & micrograms(mc)! Let’s talk milligrams(mg)!
  • Myetin® contains 150mg of Biotin! When taken twice daily, you get 300mg of Biotin a day!
  • When combined with 25mg of NAD+ daily, you get the holistic, cellular-level nutrition your body needs.
Improve MS Pain & Fatigue with High Dose Biotin

In a recent study, people with MS experienced a 48% improvement in pain and a 15% improvement in fatigue after taking Myetin® for 180 days!

The combination of high-dose Biotin & NAD+ gives your body the nutrients you need to feel like yourself again.

How Does Myetin® Work?
High Dose D-Biotin & NAD+ for Regulating Mitochondrial Efficiencies
Myetin® combines the healing properties of Biotin with the regenerative energy of NAD+ to give your body what it needs most, cellular level nutrition. High-Dose D-Biotin is a naturally occurring [bioavailable] form of the B vitamin, Biotin, which assists many functions throughout the body. If administered in high enough doses over time, D-Biotin acts as a nutrient which supports the production of the myelin sheath through the production of fatty acid synthesis. NAD+ has been hailed for its properties because it helps the body power the healing process. It enhances energy and fatty acid production that help the cells in the body optimally function. NAD+ provides the energy, D-Biotin delivers key nutrients… The combination is what makes Myetin® work!
We Believe that supporting the emotional state is just as important as the physical body.
Candice Knight MD, MPH
Board Certified Integrative Holistic Medicine

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