Covington, LA – A new product is delivering promising responses in nerve health.

In a recently completed 180-day pilot study using Myetin, participants reported a 48% improvement in pain and a 15% improvement in fatigue while taking the combination of High Dose D-Biotin and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (also called NAD+). Study participants recorded their quality of life in a number of categories using an online tracker over the 180-day trial period.

Synergy between NAD & Biotin

According to Ross Grant, PhD (Sydney Medical School/Adventist Hospital)There is good rationale for potential synergy when NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is added to the high dose biotin. While the exact cause(s) of demyelination remains unknown, several key links are understood, all of which reduce the normal myelination process.” 

  • Oxidative stress (i.e. free radical damage),
  • Inflammation
  • Reduction in fatty acid production

Fatty Acid Synthesis

 “High dose biotin seems to be driving the fatty acid synthesis, and with fatty acid synthesis there is signaling that goes on with the ACC (Acetyl CoA Carboxylase). ACC is a biotin-dependent enzyme that functions to regulate the metabolism of fatty acids which inhibit beta oxidation of fatty acids within the mitochondria. Therefore, an increase in ACC may drive the carbohydrate backbones toward fatty acid synthesis.”

Complications of Oxidative Stress

 “However, if free radical (i.e. oxidative stress) levels are high, then NAD+ levels will decrease as NAD+ is also needed to help repair nuclear (DNA) damage. So oxidative stress damages DNA which reduces NAD+ which subsequently lowers energy (ATP) production.” 

Synergy of Biotin and NAD+

NAD+ on its own is going to have positive effects on both energy metabolism and cellular DNA repair which will hopefully improve cell viability of the oligodendrocytes helping to drive the fatty acid synthesis required for re-myelination, which is exactly what you want. So, pairing NAD+ with Biotin is likely to be very beneficial because biotin is going to be the cofactor which is necessary to drive effective fatty acid synthesis while NAD+ both improves energy production and DNA repair.”

Myetin® is the first product of its kind to combine high dose biotin and NAD+ into one easy-to-take oral dose. Myetin® provides 125mg of D-Biotin and 25mg of NAD+ in each dose. When taken twice daily as recommended, the product supplies a total of 300mg of D-Biotin & 50mg of NAD+ each day.

90 Day Challenge

About Myetin® & Avior Nutritionals

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