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August 23, 2019

Does Myetin® have side effects?

Myetin® is a breakthrough product – the first of it’s kind to combine the active ingredients of D-Biotin with real NAD+ in one, easy to swallow dose.

It was created to support better nerve health, and early patient studies showing decreases in pain & fatigue have gotten the attention of people interested in better health.

After reading about Myetin, one of the most common questions people ask is “does Myetin® have side effects”?

Myetin® is made from 2 active, all-natural ingredients: D-Biotin & NAD+. Both ingredients are nutritional supplements which provide the body with the nutrition & energy it needs most.

Understand the Science Behind Myetin®:

Additionally, a clinical study taking a closer look at reports of biotin interference with thyroid function essentially dismissed the report as “fake news”. Click here to read the study.

It is always best to speak to your healthcare provider before getting your thyroid tested to ensure the best and most accurate results.

What Can You Expect from Myetin®?

Nerve damage takes years to develop, therefore your body will need time to start feeling the benefits of Myetin®. Studies have shown in some neuro degenerative patients that improvement may be experienced after the first few months. However, it can take six to nine months for the full benefits to be realized.

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