Selma is one of those iconic women in Hollywood. She’s played sweet, lovable characters in movies like Legally Blonde. She’s also played tough, gritty characters in movies like Hellboy

But now, Selma Blair has taken on her biggest role ever – that of an MS patient.

The Surprising MS Symptom Which Hurts the Most

The press reports that Selma Blair “cried with relief” when she was confirmed with MS after “not being taken seriously” by doctors for years.

She was continually in pain and never felt normal after giving birth to her son. The doctors told her it was fatigue and stress from being a single mother.

It turns out she had MS the entire time. But the feeling of being shamed and invalidated by doctors and those around her made symptoms of the disease even more difficult to bear.

Now that she has been officially diagnosed she is able to receive treatment and get the help and support she really needs.

Do Hollywood Stars Handle MS Differently Than Everyone Else?

There are a few obvious differences when someone like Selma Blair gets diagnosed with MS vs. someone perhaps in your family or your local community.

Do a quick Google search for “Selma Blair MS” and you’ll see hundreds of articles from news outlets, magazines and blogs all talking about her struggle.

Plus, she has almost 2 million followers on Instagram alone. So the amount of people who become aware of what happens with an MS diagnosis helps everyone struggling with the disease.

Those who aren’t in the public eye would benefit from a fraction of the attention and support for their daily battle with MS. Maybe it’s bringing them a meal, or helping shuttle their kids to practice. Maybe it’s raising a little money to pay for help around their house, or simply keeping them in your thoughts and prayers.

We believe everyone with MS deserves all the help and & support they can get.

Treatment Option

We often hear from patients with MS that the cost of treatments and medications is a major concern. We understand why. People with MS often struggle to maintain their jobs or careers and the cost of MS medications can present a serious financial burden.

Access to clinical trials or even certain medications or supplements may not be the same for everyone with MS. Just see the recent news about MS medications which cost upwards of $100k.

Selma Blair is currently undergoing a new treatment for her MS called hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), a treatment still in clinical trials at many MS treatment facilities.

MS Doesn’t Discriminate

MS doesn’t care if you’re a Hollywood star, grocery store clerk or a single parent.

One of the most touching stories shared by Selma Blair was her observation that “the world didn’t stop” because she was diagnosed with MS.

She summed it up beautifully in one of her social media posts:

“Thank you universe. I will get there. Have patience. Thank you. All of us. Be gentle. With ourselves and others. It is a wonderful feeling. Thank you to everyone here and in my life who did that for me the last few days. I can do this now. 🖤,” she added the hashtag “#walkingeachotherhome.”

Selma… we couldn’t agree more and we wish you all the best in your new journey.