Myetin® was not specifically created for people with MS. However, many people struggling with MS have found significant benefits from the combination of D-Biotin and NAD+ found only in Myetin®.

A common question that often arises in these cases is “can I take Myetin® with other MS medications?”

We strongly encourage anyone taking Myetin to consult with their health care provider or doctor to determine what’s best for you, especially if you are already on a health protocol or treatment plan.

Understanding What’s Inside Myetin®

Myetin® is a supplement made from just 2 all-natural, gluten-free & dairy-free ingredients: NAD+ & D-Biotin.

High-Dose D-Biotin is a naturally occurring [bioavailable] form of the B vitamin, Biotin, which assists many functions throughout the body. People have been eating foods containing B vitamins for our entire history!

NAD+ is a coenzyme that exists inside each of our cells and may promote healthy aging.

NAD+ provides the energy, Biotin-D delivers key nutrients… The combination is what makes Myetin® work!

Again, talk to your doctor to find out if Myetin® is right for you.

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