Have I Found The Fountain of Youth? No – But I Think It’s The Next Best Thing!

kathy reagan young
From the desk of Kathy Reagan Young

I always keep my eyes open and my ear to the ground (that’s a strange saying, isn’t it?) for anything that I see repeatedly mentioned by other MS advocates as having benefit for their MS.

So – when my friend and FUMS Podcast Contributing Journalist Caroline Craven (Girl With MS) mentioned Myetinnot once but twice – I had to learn more.

In her first interview on the FUMS Podcast Show (episode 20), Caroline talked about how her energy level skyrocketed and she just felt so much stronger since starting to take Myetin.

As both the curator of information for FUMS and for Healthline’s Living with MS Facebook page, I read a lot of articles pertaining to MS every single day. I had seen mention of high dose Biotin multiple times – mostly in conjunction with it’s benefit to those of us on Tecfidera, notorious for its side effect of hair loss. I took note when Caroline mentioned it the first time, but I sat up and paid attention when I interviewed her a second time (episode 28) and she told me that Myetin had made it possible for her to recover from activity faster, sleep better, and her “cog fog” had been greatly reduced.

That was enough for me to take a serious look – and try it myself.

It Brought Me Back to My Childhood

I started a 3-month trial in November 2018. As Caroline had explained in her pod interview, Myetin should be dissolved in your mouth so it can bypass the gut and go straight to the bloodstream. That made sense to me.

Ok. I’ll let it dissolve. Hey – wait a minute.

This is really good. It’s got a very familiar flavor.

What is it? Something from my childhood. Hmm. It’s making me happy. It’s right there, on the tip of my tongue.

What is that wonderful flavor??  SWEET TARTS!! That’s it. They taste like Sweet Tarts to me! So in addition to some pretty serious science’y benefits, it tastes really good too!

She Blinded Me With Science

And what about that science’y stuff?

Well – high dose Biotin is really Vitamin B7. Vitamin B7 is imperative in your body’s ability to convert food to energy. 

And while Biotin, or B7, does do all those things you may have heard it does, like promoting healthy skin, hair and nails, it does a LOT more than that to support those of us dealing with MS.  It supports nerve health and it can help support the production of myelin.


Yep – we need that!

And although Biotin is available over the counter, it is typically a lower dosage than in Myetin – AND it does not include NAD+.

What the heck is NAD+ you may be asking?  I asked that too.

I looked on the Myetin.com site for more information and this is what I found: “Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a co-enzyme found in all living cells. It’s one of the fundamental building blocks of life because it turns nutrients into energy. As we age, NAD+ levels decline. But now, scientists have found a way to boost NAD+ levels in the body. And research suggests that boosting NAD+ levels through supplementation increases energy levels and provides what many are calling “the fountain of youth”. 

OK. Sounds good, but why the combination of the Biotin and the NAD+?

Why Both? Why High Dose Biotin AND NAD+?

Great question. Same one I had.

This is what I found:  “NAD+ on its own is going to have positive effects on both energy metabolism and cellular DNA repair which will hopefully improve cell viability of the oligodendrocytes helping to drive the fatty acid synthesis required for re-myelination, which is exactly what you want. So, pairing NAD+ with Biotin is likely to be very beneficial because biotin is going to be the cofactor which is necessary to drive effective fatty acid synthesis while NAD+ both improves energy production and DNA repair.”

AND – there’s this awesome study (I’ll link to here) where participants reported a 48% improvement in pain and a 15% improvement in fatigue while taking the combination of High Dose Biotin and NAD+

Yeah – I’ll take what they’re having!!

Synergy between NAD & Biotin

Bottom Line: What It Did For Me

OK – let’s get to the good stuff.

What did it do for me? How did it improve my life?

Well – my friend Caroline was right: my energy skyrocketed, my cog fog subsided and, bonus, I have a LOT of hair re-growth after having lost it due to Tecfidera, AND my Rosacea has seemingly gone to sleep! 

Totally unexpected additional benefits. 

Most pronounced, and most beneficial in my life have definitely been the increased energy and the decreased cog fog.

Let that sink in for a minute.

What could YOU do if that were your experience?

This is not a sales pitch for Myetin. I write and talk about things that I find help me and I think can help the FUMS community. Myetin is certainly one of those resources. I’ve been taking it now, twice a day, for 4 months and I can’t imagine going without it again. I’m so much more productive than I had been – and I thought I was productive before Myetin!!   If you’re interested in Myetin for yourself, just click on this link: MYETIN.  You can read more about it and decide for yourself if this is something you’d like to try.  It’s been wonderful for Caroline and I and neither one of us would risk our reputation in the MS world if we didn’t really believe in it.