Amy Jimenez

Amy Jimenez

March which is MS Awareness Month and most of us have someone in our family or circle of friends who is living with MS.

But instead of just talking about creating awareness, let’s go a step beyond and give folks who are living with MS what they really want!


First, a little background…

No one plans to get MS. It just happens… 200 times a week on average just in the US.

Many MS patients never worried about their health before. One day you’re “normal and the next day, you need a new game plan.

Life gets turned upside down. Quickly.

The questions arrive in a flood.

You don’t know where to go to talk about it… to find out if others have tried this or that. What symptoms do they have and are dealing with.

Your friends don’t have it. Your family doesn’t have it.


The One Thing People with MS REALLY WANT is Information

Because the disease impacts people in so many different ways, getting as much information as possible is key.

The good news is that given today’s social media and blog landscape, finding information has never been easier.

It’s not unusual for people with MS to follow lots of different websites ranging from personal blog sites to large organizations like the National MS Society looking for info on clinical trials, new medications, alternative treatments, you name it.

The bottom line is they want to know what’s working, and what’s not.

90 Day Challenge

Great Online MS Resource Sites

We hope you enjoy this list of blogs, websites & social media groups which provide great information for people living with MS! Please let us know which resources we should add to the list!