Caroline Craven

Caroline Craven

Caroline Craven knows a thing or two about living with MS.

Originally diagnosed in 2001, Caroline has become known as “The Girl with MS” and has inspired people all over the world to live better in the face of difficult circumstances.

Caroline’s mission is to help people make their lives better – even if it’s just with a smile!

In a recent interview, she gave some insights as to her secrets for living well, even with MS.

Starting the Journey…

According to Caroline, the first step in the journey is learning about self care. Many MS patients, especially in the beginning, have no idea how to truly take care of themselves.

When they’re first diagnosed, doctors often recommend western medicine and treatment protocols. Her advice is to follow doctors orders while also learning about more holistic practices & alternative therapies such as eating right, reducing stress in your life and working on your mindset… all keys to a healthy lifestyle with or without MS.

Alternative Healing

Eating right and seeking alternative ways of getting nutrition is a critical component. And while making healthier food choices is the first step, it works best when followed up with intelligent supplements such as Vitamin D, natural herbs and even things like high dose biotin to help not only with hair and nails, but regeneration of the myelin sheath.

90 Day Challenge

Self Healing

Caroline recalls that when she was first diagnosed with MS, she knew nothing about self-healing practices like meditation, acupuncture or yoga. But these days, they’re essential parts of her daily routine.

Another key element of self care is learning to keep a positive attitude despite the difficulties MS brings with it.

Specifically, she suggests focusing on the things you can control and letting go of the things you can’t. Many times this means re-writing your life’s “story” because you’re simply not the person you were before MS.

She also says that finding a new life balance is critical in adopting to life with the disease and maintaining a positive mental attitude that’s stronger post-MS than it ever was before!

You can visit Caroline’s website and blog here or follow her on Facebook as well.