In addition to providing tangible benefits for the brain, more and more studies show that NAD+ can help you feel greater levels of energy, especially when combined with other nutritional supplements such as B-Biotin.

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a co-enzyme found in all living cells. Without NAD, many vital biological processes within the body could not be carried out.

As far back as 1930, Hans Karl August Simon von Euler-Chelpin, a Nobel Prize winner claimed NAD+ was one of the “most widespread and biologically most important activators within the plant and animal world.”

But more almost 90 years later, we’re just now fully starting to have the importance of NAD+ and its potential impact on our overall health.

The Role of NAD+

The primary role of NAD+ is to turn nutrients into energy which is one of the reasons doctors believe it works well when combined with D-Biotin.

NAD+ also assists proteins which regulate other biological activities.

In order to convert the different foods you consume into energy, NAD+ is necessary. It’s also necessary for the smooth functioning of your nerves, proper muscle contractions and to control energy homeostasis in your cells.

In fact, if there were no NAD+ in your body, you would die, as NAD+ also functions as an electron transfer molecule which metabolizes glucose and fatty acids.

How NAD+ Produces Energy

In a nutshell, NAD+ helps the body function better while aging.

The reason? It increases cellular level activity of your mitochondria.

For a quick science lesson, mitochondria are the body’s tiny batteries located within each cell that are the source of your energy. In order to create the energy you need each day, a series of chemical reactions must take place. NAD+ is a major factor in this process as it produces the energy known as “ATP”.

When our mitochondrial functions decrease, that’s what we recognize as signs of the aging process. It’s also a precursor for age-related diseases as well as certain neurological conditions.

What are Sirtuins

Sirtuins are a group of proteins which are sometimes known as longevity genes because they have a positive benefit on the symptoms of aging and longevity as a whole.

Sirtuins protect against DNA damage and promote telomere length.

NAD+ plays an important role in regulating metabolism through these sirtuins. NAD+ also helps govern circadian rhythms –the rhythms that regulate our wake and sleep cycles.

When the circadian rhythms are suppressed, the availability of NAD+ is diminished.

Symptoms of Low NAD

If your body is low on NAD+ (and most of us have decreasing levels as we age) you could find yourself feeling fatigued and exhausted.

Low levels of NAD+ can result in an increase in extra body fat, inflammation throughout the body, impaired brain function, brain degeneration, excess body fat, loss of muscle and the death of cells due to oxygen cells being unavailable.

Overall, NAD+ can replenish and improve the lifespan of those who take it, and without sufficient NAD+, mitochondria functions may be hampered.

How to Increase Your NAD+

There are ways you can increase your NAD+ naturally, including eating lots of fermented foods, eating a ketogenic diet, fasting or calorie restriction, exercise and heat saunas.  Foods that increase NAD+ levels include raw dairy, chicken, turkey, pumpkin seeds, and fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines and trout.  

90 Day Challenge

You could also consider supplementing your NAD+ with Myetin®, one of the only available products which contain the active form of NAD+ together with a strong dose of D-Biotin. Each dose of Myetin® contains 25mg of NAD+ and 150mg of nutrient packed D-Biotin.

Myetin® is scientifically formulated in an easy-melt tablet which is placed in the mouth to dissolve. Plus, the tablets are Non-GMO, contain no animal byproducts and are gluten-free.

Just one tablet in the morning and one in the evening can provide you with the NAD+ your body so desperately needs.