NAD+ is a coenzyme which is found in our cells, and plays a major role in generating energy, particularly brain energy.

In fact, NAD+ is involved in over 1,000 metabolic reactions in the body! These metabolic reactions are responsible for—to name a few—longevity, DNA repair and cell regeneration and restoration.

Doctors are finding that NAD+ can return a stressed-out brain to optimal health, whether the brain is attempting to fight the stressors associated with our world today or recovering from a neurological illness.

Other potential brain benefits of NAD+ include the following:

  • Improving concentration
  • Improving focus and mental clarity
  • Helping find and repair damaged DNA
  • Optimizing the brain’s mitochondrial functions
  • Replenishment of neurotransmitters
  • Accelerating recovery of psychological or emotional issues
  • Accelerating recovery of chronic brain conditions
  • Could potentially increase metabolism
  • Could potentially extend cell life
  • Could potentially decrease inflammation in the brain which is associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Studies Show NAD+ May Support Brain Processe

According to an NCBI journal article, numerous studies have shown that NAD+ “mediate multiple major biological processes.”  These biological processes include cell death and aging, energy metabolism and mitochondrial functions.

The components in the metabolic pathways of NAD+ can produce significant biological brain processes, including memory, learning and neurotransmissions.

The article found that brain aging, along with the tissue damage associated with multiple brain illnesses can be mediated through NAD+. The administration of NAD+ has even been found to “markedly decrease ischemic brain injury.”

When taken as a whole, the information regarding NAD+ has found it to be a “fundamental mediator of brain function, brain senescence and multiple brain diseases.”

NAD+ & Tangible Impact On Agin

Many studies have found that as we age, our levels of NAD+ in the brain decrease.

Boosting NAD+ levels have been shown to potentially enhance your cognitive performance, ensuring your brain is functioning at optimal levels. Increased NAD+ levels may even help prevent neurological decline, give you an energy boost and help you feel healthier.

Some patients refer to this as the “fountain of youth” effect, but science has shown that increased NAD+ levels are the key to not “feeling” as old as perhaps your age would indicate due to higher levels of NAD+ in the body.

The benefits include improved cognitive function, better memory, increased concentration and an overall improvement in energy levels.

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Synergy Between D-Biotin & NAD

Biotin delivers key nutrients at a cellular level that the body needs but has previously only been available in small doses called micrograms and used for things like better hair and nails.

An unexpected development in the study of NAD+ has led scientists to combine the energy producing properties of NAD+ with the nutritional boost found in higher doses of D-Biotin, specifically in the area of nerve health.

According to Ross Grant, PhD (Sydney Medical School/Adventist Hospital) “There is good rationale for potential synergy when NAD+ is added to the high dose biotin. While the exact cause(s) of demyelination remains unknown, several key links are understood, all of which reduce the normal myelination process.”

The work of forward thinking scientists like Dr. Grant inspired the creation of Myetin®, the “first of its kind” product to combine both NAD+ and high doses of D-Biotin in one, easy-to-take dose.

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