By: Kathy Reagan Young of

Avior Nutritionals compensated me for this post. However, my experiences and views are my own and I only promote things that I’ve tried myself and find helpful.

Supplements Viewed As ROI??

Are you familiar with the term “ROI”? It’s a term used in business a lot and it means Return On Investment. It’s a great term to apply to a lot of things in this life – like our medications and supplements. Meaning – are we getting out of our investment of hope and money, an acceptable return? Are we getting what we’re paying for?!?

That can be tough to quantify in things like medication and supplements. Our medications are so damned expensive and yet we still may have relapses. That’s a fairly poor ROI in my humble opinion.

On the other hand, if I’m relapse–free the majority of the time and I feel that’s because of the medication – good ROI!

I have been using Myetin®, a supplement with high dose Biotin and NAD+, for the past 5 months. I’ve written about it here before and I even interviewed the CEO of the company on the FUMS Podcast Show (Myetin® podcast episode).

It has been phenomenal for me. I started taking it because a patient leader in the MS world (Caroline Craven, The Girl with MS) talked about how much it was helping her. I am a fan of Caroline and I trust what she has to say – so I took a good look at this product.

Everything seemed to add up – so I did a 90-day trial as they suggest (Myetin® 90-day challenge).

I didn’t notice a thing for the first month, other than that I felt like I was getting a little treat twice a day! It is a dissolvable tablet and it tastes like Sweet Tarts – or lately it’s been tasting like Cotton Candy to me. Regardless, that was the only benefit I was seeing – at first.

About a month and a half in or so, I noticed it: my cog fog and my fatigue were definitively better. It wasn’t like a lightbulb moment – more like something you recognize in retrospect. I had been feeling like I used to feel – pre-diagnosis. Like I wanted to be feeling. Like I should be feeling.

Then – my hairdresser asked me about my new baby hair. WHAT!!?!? Yep, I was having hair regrowth from what I had lost after starting Tecfidera. I hadn’t even been looking for that to happen. AND – I noticed that my Rosacea seemed to have gone to sleep. Another thing I wasn’t looking for but certainly appreciated!

Is It For Real Kathy & How Can I Get a Discount?

After I published that first blog post, my inbox exploded with people asking me if my “testimonial” was for real. Well – it is. I’m still happily taking it and still feeling strong – mentally and physically.

The next thing people always talked about was the price. At $58 for a month, that was steep for a supplement in many people’s minds.

I have two thoughts on this: first, the company (Avior Nutritionals) offers discounts based on volume. What I mean is – the more you buy, the more you save. For instance, if you buy 2 bottles, you save 10%, 3 bottles, 18%. For the very best deal – both financially and so you don’t run out – sign up for the subscribe and save and you’ll save a full 22% – and be sure you always have Myetin on hand – and shipping is FREE. And by the way, you can always cancel at any time.

Go Get YOU Some

So – to review – I have had great results with Myetin®. I certainly can’t guarantee that for anyone else. We’re all very different – but why not give it a try?

It doesn’t necessarily happen immediately AND you save more the more product you buy, so sign up for the subscribe and save program and give it a try.

I hope you’ll have the same great results I have and you’ll pay less by purchasing more. Now that’s good ROI.