There are two primary methods of administering medication by mouth and minimizing the amount of key ingredients lost to digestion: sublingual and buccal.

Sublingual administration occurs when the drug is placed under the tongue where it dissolves and is absorbed into the blood through the tissues.

Buccal administration involves placing a drug between the gums and the cheek. Just as with sublingual administration, the drug dissolves and is absorbed into the blood through the tissues.

There are specific reasons for using sublingual or buccal administration of a drug or supplement including:

  • It is important that the drug gets into the system quickly;
  • The patient has difficulty swallowing pills;
  • The medication is one which is not absorbed well in the stomach, or
  • Digestion would decrease the effects of the drug.

Benefits of Buccal & Sublingual Absorption

The primary benefit of buccal & sublingual absorption is avoiding digestion in the stomach or processing by the liver. Rather, the medication or supplements are absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

There are many tiny blood vessels in the cheek area, allowing the drugs to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. The buccal cavity itself is lined with a mucous membrane; drugs penetrate the mucous membrane by diffusion, being carried into the blood which supplies the salivary glands and their ducts via the jugular vein.

Buccal absorption bypasses the liver which can, in some instances, allow the patient to take a lower dose of the drug with the same results. It is important to note, however, that eating, drinking or smoking can all affect how a drug is absorbed when used buccally or sublingually.

90 Day Challenge

Myetin® Taken Orally

We specifically designed Myetin® as an orally dissolvable tablet because we believe the active ingredients of biotin & NAD+ are more effective with buccal & sublingual absorption.

Plus, many people with some form of inflammation or degenerative condition tell us they struggle to swallow big, bulky pills.

Initial studies show biotin benefits myelin, providing energy for neurons. While biotin is available over the counter, the dose you receive is significantly less than what you receive when taking Myetin® which delivers a full 300 mg. of biotin plus 50 mg. of NAD+ when taken twice daily.

Compare that to the micrograms listed on most “over the counter” versions of biotin and you’ll see the difference in potency!

Biotin is helpful for the individual at risk of free radical damage, inflammation and reduction in fatty acid production. High-dose biotin has also been shown to improve glucose levels and reduce pain from diabetic nerve damage as well as improving nail firmness and thickness.

Higher biotin levels generally increase the enzyme activity which is ultimately converted into energy when sufficient NAD+ is available.

Doctors believe that NAD+ and biotin work synergistically and when paired and the positive results of both increase exponentially as evidence in a recent pilot study of Myetin.

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