People within the MS community have been among the first to truly embrace Myetin®.

It started when Caroline Craven, The Girl with MS, came across the ingredients in Myetin® and was intrigued, since it combines several supplements she was already taking.

Caroline tried Myetin® and discovered amazing results. She told her story on her platforms where it then caught the attention of Kathy Reagan Young, founder of FUMS.

Kathy also tried Myetin® and has become a vocal supporter as well within her circle of influence.

Recently on her podcast, Kathy asked whether Myetin® was just for people with MS since it was gaining such traction within the community.

Myetin® – Not Just for Those with MS

People with MS are highly motivated when it comes to the area of nerve health. However, we believe everyone can benefit from better nutrition and more energy.

Many studies are reporting on the individual benefits of d-biotin & NAD+ when taken separately, so why not take them together?

Even in low doses, biotin has been shown to improve nail firmness and thickness, as well as to reduce hair splitting. Biotin may also improve glucose levels and reduce pain from diabetic nerve damage.

Because Myetin® not only contains high-dose biotin, but NAD+ as well, the benefits can extend to even more uses. One of the most important jobs of NAD+ in the body is to transport electrons for ATP (energy) production. When free radical levels are high (such as among those with MS), then NAD+ levels decrease.  Increasing biotin can increase the enzyme activity which increase TCA intermediates which are ultimately turned into energy, but only when enough NAD+ is available. In other words, biotin and NAD+ work synergistically; while NAD+ on its own will have positive effects on energy metabolism, when NAD+ and biotin are paired the positive results increase exponentially.

What’s Actually In Myetin®?

Myetin® is a chewable, orally dissolving tablet combining High-Dose Biotin and NAD+ scientifically formulated to support nerve health.

Each Myetin® tablet contains 150mg of D-Biotin and 25mg of NAD+.

Why the MS Community Has Taken Notice

People in the MS community are researchers! And when a Myetin study was released showing participants reported a 48% improvement in pain and a 15% improvement in fatigue while taking Myetin®, many took notice!

The immune system of patients with MS attacks the central nervous system, including the spinal cord and the brain. Some people diagnosed with MS may have severe, chronic symptoms including pain, fatigue, impaired coordination, balance issues, hearing loss, slurred speech, numbness, tingling and vision impairment. Others may be virtually symptom-free for most of their life.

Some individuals who have multiple sclerosis try alterations in their diet to help manage their symptoms. Dr. Terry Wahls is perhaps the best known advocate for this practice sometimes referred to as Minding Your Mitochondria.

Foods with high levels of biotin include nuts, egg yolks, Swiss chard, liver, meat and brewer’s yeast. The B vitamins found in these foods and others help the body turn food into energy, maintain the eyes, hair, skin and liver and support the nervous system. Click here to read who may benefit from high dose biotin.

However, often times simply eating the right diet isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. That’s where supplements play a role. Several recent scientific studies have suggested that taking high dose biotin could potentially reduce the impact of multiple sclerosis symptoms.

When the immune system targets and damages the body’s myelin—a substance which covers and protects nerve cells—multiple sclerosis can result. The body can produce more myelin when biotin activates key enzymes (proteins which carry out crucial bodily functions). Individuals with healthy levels of myelin have nerve cells which can efficiently communicate. When a person with MS has an increase in cell communication due to high-dose biotin, the level of disability may be greatly reduced.

90 Day Challenge

Myetin® for Regulating Mitochondrial Efficiencies

Myetin® combines healing biotin with regenerative NAD+ to provide what your body needs—cellular level nutrition. When administered in high enough doses over a period of time, biotin can assist many functions in the body. NAD+ helps power the body’s healing process by enhancing energy and fatty acid production which help the body’s cells function optimally. In short, NAD+ provides the energy, and biotin delivers key nutrients; the combination makes Myetin® work for a wide variety of people including those with MS and those who simply want to feel like themselves again.