You’ve probably read about the benefits of Biotin & NAD+ on their own.

But what happens when you take them together in higher doses over time?

Every day, more client testimonials are rolling in, but none of them have been more compelling from the one we received from Kathy Reagan Young – founder of FUMS.

Kathy has MS and is an active leader in the MS community. She knows all about the impact of Biotin & NAD+, but even she wasn’t prepared for her experience after taking Myetin for 90 days:

My energy skyrocketed, my cog fog subsided and, bonus, I have a LOT of hair re-growth after having lost it due to Tecfidera, AND my Rosacea has seemingly gone to sleep! Totally unexpected additional benefits.  Most pronounced, and most beneficial in my life have definitely been the increased energy and the decreased cog fog.

The wonderful part is that Kathy isn’t alone. Participants in a recent study reported a 15 percent improvement in fatigue levels and a 48 percent improvement in pain levels while taking Biotin & NAD+ together with Myetin®.

Here’s what’s fueling these amazing stories:

What Happens When You Combine Biotin & NAD+ In One Dose

Myetin® is the first product on the market to combine Biotin and NAD+. And while Biotin is available over-the-counter, the dose you get is much smaller than the doses being tested (about 10,000 micrograms as compared to 300 milligrams). High dose biotin is designed to support the immune system by protecting neurons.

Biotin is also available through certain foods, including meat, whole grains, almonds, dairy and eggs, however it is virtually impossible to consume the level of biotin-containing foods in order to acquire the higher levels needed for maximum impact.

When taken twice daily, Myetin® delivers 300 mg of biotin as well as 50 mg. of NAD+ which is a derivative of vitamin B3 and is required for a number of cellular level functions—in particular, energy metabolism and cellular DNA repair.

How Biotin Benefits Skin, Hair and Nails

Although it is well-known that hair, skin and nails can benefit from biotin—which is why you may see biotin listed as an ingredient in many different hair, skin and nail products—in most every case, the levels of biotin are so small they are measured in micrograms! Not the case with Myetin®!

Proper fat production is crucial for the health of the skin, as fatty acids in the skin protect cells from damage. When biotin intake is insufficient, fat production is altered, and skin cells are among the first to develop symptoms. Those with a biotin deficiency could experience hair loss, dermatitis (particularly around the mouth) and rosacea. Rosacea primarily affects skin on the face, causing redness on the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead, causing blood vessels to become visible.

Unexpected Benefits

While many people with MS reported have sent in many testimonials about their experience taking Myetin®, there were some additional, unexpected benefits reported.

Most notably, those taking high-dose biotin and NAD+ felt more mentally and physically capable, primarily in the areas of less brain “fog” and less fatigue.

Many patients noted they were sleeping better, had more energy during the daytime, and, after engaging in activities, they were tired, but bounced back much more quickly when taking Myetin®.

While many patients reported less pain, less fatigue and less “cog-fog,” surprisingly, some patients noticed a number of unexpected benefits of high-dose biotin and NAD+, including significant hair re-growth, and a decrease in rosacea.

90 Day Challenge

Gradual Improvements

Many individuals who begin taking Myetin® may not be paying particularly close attention to how they feel on a daily basis, then suddenly one day they realize their pain level has decreased or they have more energy or less brain fog.

In other words, the effect can be subtle—suddenly your body is functioning more like it used to. Many individuals also reported feeling more confident and clear-headed as well, and when pain is decreased, cognitive functions are increased, fatigue is decreased and confidence and clarity return, there can be a definite ripple effect—family members, friends and co-workers may all benefit from the improved health.