We get it. There’s SO MUCH information out there about how to improve your health.

Even if you just focused on improving your diet, where do you begin?

Well, few doctors have a more compelling story than Dr. Terry Wahls. Her “protocol” is more than diet. It’s a story that’s changing the world and we want to help share it…

Wahls Protocol

What Exactly is the Wahls Protocol?

Dr. Terry Wahls went through what you might call a “major” health challenge in 2000 when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of MS.

Being a doctor, she instinctively turned to medicine first. But after trying every medicine she could find and exhausting every bit of research on the subject of treating MS, she found herself declining to the point of needing a tilt-recline wheelchair!

Looking for Answers in New (Old) Places

Fearing she might be bedridden for the remainder of her life, Dr. Wahls developed an integrative approach to healing, using food as the foundation of the plan.

In fact, the Wahls Protocol is based on a version of the Paleo diet which taps into some very “old” knowledge about how the body functions.

Paleo eating is based on the theory that we should all eat more like our ancient ancestors, avoiding the highly processed foods which came into being over the last hundred years. The Wahls Protocol includes meat and fish, brightly colored fruit (berries, in particular), vegetables and fats from animal and plant sources.

Omega-3 fatty acids are a staple of the Wahls Protocol and green leafy vegetables are at the top of the acceptable vegetables.

Foods to avoid on the Wahls Protocol include eggs, dairy products, grains, beans, lentils and other legumes, sugar and all nightshade vegetables.

Nightshade vegetables include peppers, eggplant, potatoes and tomatoes.

The Results Are In…

When Dr. Wahls implemented this protocol into her life, she eventually went from using a wheelchair to biking for miles and engaging in a busy, active life.

One look at her now speaking in public as a fully functional person is all you really need to validate that what she teaches actually works. However, years worth of clinical data has proven that others who follow the protocol have similar success.

Can the Wahls Protocol Change Your Life?

Many of those who try the Wahls Protocol have tried a number of other things (prescription drugs, primarily), with no success, therefore feel they have little to lose.

Because of the fact that so many have literally given up on ever leading a healthy, productive life, surprise—and delight—accompany the positive changes the Wahls Protocol often brings.

As an example, Dawn Hovey of Evansdale, Iowa, was urged to enter a pilot study of the Wahls Protocol in 2011.

Hovey’s health had deteriorated to the point she required a walker, cane or wheelchair and was unable to drive. Hovey was skeptical about the Wahls Protocol, but pushed ahead. In addition to completely overhauling her diet, Hovey also included supplements, practiced stress-reduction techniques, and exercised with electrical stimulation with her diet changes. Hovey reports that just one month into the Wahls Protocol she no longer needed her wheelchair, and during the second year of the trial Hovey drove herself to the hospital to meet her new granddaughter, holding the baby without fear of dropping her.

Wahls Protocol and Mitochondrial Function

The body’s energy production takes place in the mitochondria and is more commonly known as metabolism.

The foods we eat combine with oxygen, creating a “combustion” process in the mitochondria which captures energy, storing in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), nicotinamide dinucleotide (NADH) and flavin adenine dinucleotide (FADH). Mitochondrial function is regulated by thousands of genes which are, in turn, influenced by our lifestyle, our environment, and, most particularly, our diet.

Those who follow the Wahls Protocol are giving a significant boost to their mitochondrial functions.

90 Day Challenge

Wahls Protocol and Cellular Level Nutrition

Not only was Dr. Wahls body shutting down, and her brain functions were also suffering prior to beginning the Wahls Protocol. As Dr. Wahl progressed through her research, she discovered there are certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients our brains need to thrive – and that when the brain is properly fed, chronic disease can often be reversed.

When cellular level nutrition is implemented, mitochondria, brains, and bodies can heal.

At Avior Nutritionals, we believe in providing the body with the right type of help such as the nutrients provided by high dose biotin and the energy production associated with NAD+.

Cellular level nutrition is at the very core of our beliefs, as cellular nutrition is about health, not disease, and attacking the root cause of degenerative diseases or just poor health in general is truly preventative medicine.